We have a crystal clear vision at Create and Go.

We’re on a mission to help 10,000 people make a part-time or full-time income with a blogging business that allows them to live a fuller and happier life.

But before I explain the what we do you need to know the why we do it.

I imagine anyone on this page is wondering some basic things…

“Is this real? Is this legit?”

“Is this just another get rich quick BS scam on the internet?”

“Who the heck are these people anyway??”

But before we talk about US, I want to ask if YOU can relate to any of these:

  • Frustrated and feeling trapped at your 9-5
  • Sick of waking up to alarm clocks and fighting rush hour traffic
  • Feeling like you never have the level of freedom that you want
  • Wishing you had more time to spend out with friends or at home with your family
  • Unable to travel like you’ve always wanted to
  • Feeling constrained to a salary defined by others
  • Wondering if this is going to be IT for your life…

Because if so, then you’ve come to the right place.

It was just a short moment ago that we were RIGHT where you are sitting right now.

We were tired of chasing fleeting weekends and vacations that never lasted long enough and we were frustrated with the illusions of the American dream.

Because the realities WE were living included…

  • Climbing invisible corporate ladders
  • Debt and anxiety over our finances
  • Two weeks of vacation per year
  • Living in a stuffy office
  • Just not having enough time, money, or freedom to do the things that really made us happy

If you’re ready for something different… If you’re ready to change your life by building an online business that frees up your time and money, then OMG we can’t wait to help you!

lauren and alex st pete

Hola! We’re Alex and Lauren. The creators and co-founders of multiple six-figure blogs dedicated to helping YOU make a full-time income online!

Why are we so obsessed with helping you make money blogging?

Because it has changed our freakin’ lives — that’s why!

Let’s take a quick hop back in time and show you how this whole dealio started.

We also have a related podcast episode on our blog failure if you’d prefer to listen to the story:

July 2014: How We Met – Two Right Swipes

Tinder, in case you’ve been living on the moon, is a dating app that young people use to meet others. Well, nowadays they use all sorts of different apps… but Tinder was at the height of its popularity in 2014 when Lauren and I both swiped right on one another.

Lauren and Alex Tinder

We met and IMMEDIATELY clicked. We had one of those laugh-all night-until-your-face-hurts kind of nights, where you know almost instantly that the person is going to be important to you.

And before we continue down this road into our personal life, we do want to address something important. Something that you may notice as you watch our videos, read our articles, or stalk us on Instagram.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things just don’t work out. We spent 4 amazing years together traveling and growing our million-dollar online business. We had an incredible relationship together we wouldn’t trade for the world, but we grew apart and had to call it quits.

We tell you this because it’s going to give a lot more context to our story and we want to be honest and real with you about everything. Even about the hard things.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

While we are no longer in a romantic relationship together, we are still amazing friends and business partners because we have one HUGE thing in common – WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! 

We love our business, our readers, our students, and the lives that we have been able to create for ourselves because of all of it. The blogs were part of what kept us together for so long. For both of us, it’s our biggest passion in our lives: helping others succeed and achieve their goalsTHAT is what is most important to us.

We still work together every day on building our business and our relationships with our community, and we can both honestly say in our heart of hearts that we are happier than ever.

Okay… Let’s go back to the story…

Around the time when Lauren and I met, I was 25 and had begun to notice some things about my life that I wasn’t too thrilled about…

  • I was trading my dollars for hours working for clients as a personal trainer (no health insurance, vacations, etc.) – with no real way to make more money except to own my own gym, which sounded miserable to me.
  • My job made it impossible to socialize due to working nights and early mornings. It’s hard to party with friends when you have to be up at 4:30 am for your 5:00 am client the next morning.
  • I made pretty good money, but I still felt incredibly poor when I looked at my bank account (between rent, driving to and from clients, having fun…).

Lauren didn’t have it much better as she was working the typical 9-5 plus 80-hour work weeks during tax season and getting paid pretty mediocrely for an MBA with a CPA license.

Look, our lives didn’t SUCK. We were living like most average joes and we had plenty to be thankful for. But we still couldn’t escape the constant nagging of this feeling:

Is this really it?

Will I really not get to see the rest of the world until I’m retired at 75?

Because we certainly didn’t have the money for it at the time, and even if we did, we didn’t have the time.

Our jobs, our personal lives, our social lives… It all just felt so… monotonous…

We were hustling hard but still had to come to terms with some harsh realities about our world:

  • We wouldn’t be able to afford to travel OR have the time to until we were over the age of 50.
  • Forget affording a house for YEARS… (without crippling debt).
  • Would we ever actually make enough money that we could truly ENJOY our lives and not just enough to survive on?

What about adventure? Exploration? Freedom? Fun?

What about traveling the world and seeing other cultures while we’re young enough to really enjoy it?

Bottom Line: The frustration and disappointment that came from following the rules of society were maddening to us.

So… We decided to DO SOMETHING about it…

We Created Our First “Blog”

After a trip to an entrepreneur conference, I decided to start a health and fitness website because of my background as a personal trainer.

I didn’t even know what I was doing was called “blogging” at the time.

Lauren saw me working on this website and was always asking questions about it. One day, she saw me failing miserably at graphic design and organizational work and said: “Hey, can I help with that?”

Probably because watching me struggle with what appeared to be a simple task was really hurting her Type-A-to-the-core soul.

Neither of us knew it at the time, but this was going to be Lauren’s first step into entrepreneurship and her life was about to do a complete 180-degree shift.

The blog was called Health and Happy Hour, and was dedicated to having a healthy life while still partying and having a social life (yeah, we were in our 20s – what did you expect?).

Our First Blog Failed

Honesty time… After 3 months, our first attempt at blogging failed… spectacularly.  

It might have had something to do with the fact that we thought we could just get drunk and post recipes on the internet for profits… Just a little bit…

first blog photos lauren and alex
(Actual footage of us drinking mimosas from our first blog that failed)

We spent 3 straight months of nights and weekends (ALL of them) on it to have it completely flop. A handful of visitors, no fans, and zero f*cks given for what we had to say.

Back to the drawing board…

We Created Our Second Blog

Oh, no… We weren’t giving up that easy (and thank GOD we didn’t, in hindsight).

On September 25th 2015, we started our second health and wellness blog. We still didn’t have much of an idea of what we were doing.

BUT we did have a different focus this time…

The focus of the blog was on others – not us. Not what we wanted and assumed other people wanted.

This is what it looked like in the very beginning… Just so you know that a blog can look pretty simple and kind of crappy and still make $$$ profits! haha…

And okay, it looks like it was still focused on us, but I promise it wasn’t!

health and wellness blog

People started to read the blog and enjoyed the content. We gradually got more and more people’s eyeballs on our blog and began to build an audience.

An audience of people who actually cared what we had to say. Despite this less-than-stellar looking homepage and no money yet, we were still going somewhere.

We Quit Our Jobs and Started to Make ACTUAL MONEY!

This next move was by far the most ballsy, but I have always loved the motto, “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit!”

In this next month before we were making a single dollar from our new blog, we:

  • Quit our full-time jobs (Lauren had JUST gotten her CPA license a couple of months before quitting… Her dad was super pumped.)
  • Sold almost everything we owned (furniture, clothes, etc). Everything we owned to our names fit into just a few bags.
luggage after quitting job

This is literally everything that we owned – packed up and headed out for Seattle.

  • Moved into my dad’s house to save money on rent. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • Became full-time bloggers (albeit with no money yet…)

Trust me, this is all said a lot easier than it was done. We were NERVOUS and TERRIFIED and EXCITED all at once.

What if we failed? What if we quit our jobs for nothing? What would our family and friends think if we had to move back to Dallas empty-handed with our tails tucked between our legs?

I tell people that you’re not really an entrepreneur unless you have gone to bed riddled with anxiety only to wake up, drink a cup of coffee, and get back after it again as if the previous failure(s) never happened.

After months of failure and beat downs, we started to finally make a tiny bit of money from our new second blog.

$172.82, to be exact.

The truth is that most of those initial failures came at the hands of buying crappy, second-rate courses and trainings in the ‘make money online’ industry.

We didn’t know it at the time, but this ended up being a huge blessing in disguise because we would one day be teaching OTHERS how to make money online. And making EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE in the book has taught us just about everything we need to know about what to do and sometimes more importantly, what NOT to do, to help others succeed.

Finally, by trusting ourselves and learning in a “trial by fire” atmosphere, we started to grow our blog. We started doubling our money month after month through a combination of affiliate marketing and email marketing and then eventually creating our own products to sell.

But this was only the beginning for us…

We Made Create and Go (This Website)

In just 7 months after that first $172.82, we had reached the mark of $10,000/month with our health and wellness blog.

We went to Nicaragua for a month with a group called the Wifi Tribe, a group of young, co-living, co-working, co-partying entrepreneurs.

working by the pool in nicaragua

Yes, you really can work like that in the right pool if the sun is in the right spot — although it’s not an ideal working condition.

At this point, Lauren and I basically realized that we had made some sort of insane pipe dream happen and that we HAD to share with others. I mean, it sounds like a scam right?

We started a blog, made a ton of money, had no bosses, slept in as long as we wanted, never battled traffic, and had started to travel the world – all in less than a year.

Like WTF.

We decided that this was too awesome NOT to share, so we started this blog to document our journey and show others how to do it.

And so… Create and Go, this website, was born.

We originally thought that the website would be about travel and blogging. Create a blog and Go travel.

We decided later on that while we loved traveling (and still do it), we didn’t love being “travel bloggers.” The business side of blogging was FAR more interesting to us. We both have business degrees, after all.

We had a lot of ups and downs in those first few months, but our revenues continued to climb as we began creating courses on blogging, traffic, and monetization.

Here is a snapshot of what our revenues look like since we started…

blog income chart feb 2020

You can also see the latest numbers in our blog income reports that we publish each month.

Earning Six-Figures a Month + A Feature in Forbes

For perspective, it took just two years ago from the point of quitting our jobs making no money to earning over $100,000 per MONTH.

I want to emphasize something here. Lauren and I are NORMAL people just like you. We drink too much, we have bad habits that we’re ashamed of (me biting my nails, Lauren playing with her split ends), and we’re really lazy at times.

There is nothing insanely special about us. Sure, I had a somewhat different job as a personal trainer, but Lauren was a freakin’ TAX ACCOUNTANT – Type A to the bone.

Success is just about hustle + a great plan + a lot of dedicated and focused time.

That’s it. That’s the magic formula. Cat’s out of the bag. Lauren and I just out-hustled everyone to the top.

We even got featured in Forbes this month: Want to Make $75,000 Per Month and Quit Your Day Job?

create and go forbes feature

Our online blogging biz was booming and I’m not gonna lie – It felt good.

Our First Student Becomes a Six-Figure Blogger

This was a big milestone for us. So far, we had helped people earn a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars per month. But this was big.

Our first student had reached six-figure status. Her name is Natalie Bacon.

Lauren and Natalie Conference
Lauren (left) and Natalie (right) at Traffic and Conversion Summit 2018.

I think this is more important than the success or income that we personally make.

We have now not only found success ourselves, but we have truly helped others reach and realize their own goals and dreams.

Talk about a full-circle journey.

Taking a Step Back from the Chaos

Throughout everything you have heard so far on this journey, Lauren and I worked hard. And A LOT. We continued to work long hours long after we quit our full-time jobs with the 9-5 requirement.

But only because we WANTED to. Because we LOVED what we were doing SO much.

But eventually things began to settle down and we craved more time off to enjoy things and experiences outside of our blogs. The biggest thing for us was that we wanted to TRAVEL more.

I, Alex, have always wanted to travel to all 50 states, so I started that journey and finished it after 5 months!

Here is one of my favorite photos from my journey (Instagram):

View this post on Instagram

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Lauren chose to go the opposite route and spend her first year living OUTSIDE of the U.S. She traveled to 5 continents and 23 countries in a single year.

Here is one of her favorite photos from her travels in the salt flats in Bolivia (Instagram):

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Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

What is “The Good Life” to you?

Is it spending more time with your family? Traveling the world while drinking copious amounts of wine and touring museums? Or is it quitting your soul-sucking day job and telling your boss where he can shove his TPS report?

For us, it was quitting our jobs and getting to travel more.

Oh, and being able to afford organic food.

Whole foods ain’t cheap, yo.

We saw blogging simply as a means – a means to serve others great products and services while freeing up our time and becoming financially independent.

Blogging was the way that we earned our freedom.

Freedom from bosses, alarm clocks, schedules, and financial problems.

Freedom to dictate exactly how we wanted to live and why we wanted to live that way.

And we did it all. We traveled the world, quit our jobs, went on amazing adventures, and still get to do this when we want.

But let’s send the elevator back down for a bit.

Create and Go exists because our team is here to pour our hearts out into helping you achieve the same kind of success we’ve been able to.

Yes, we make money doing this. We’re not trying to hide behind that.

But to be honest, we can think of no more fulfilling mission than to help others experience the kind of freedom and joy we’ve experienced because of blogging.

We are going to make an army of successful bloggers and change thousands of lives. We’ve already helped hundreds get there…

Here’s how we’re going to do it…

Company Vision

We are going to help 10,000 people make a full-time income blogging so they have the time and resources to live “The Good Life.”

So, what exactly does this look like?

Create and Go will be the #1 blog on blogging — in the world (rankings on Google, Amazon, Audible, and YouTube).

And that will be accomplished through…

#1. Creating the #1 blogging products with the highest customer satisfaction and success rate in the industry.

#2. Creating the #1 blogging team on the internet 

#3. Creating the #1 blog on blogging as ranked on every major platform (Google, Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, and Audible).  

Our courses already have an awesome track record for success, and our blog is already well known and a multi-million dollar success.

But we’re going to become #1.

We know in our heart of hearts that we were destined to do this. That because of our unique story and situation, nobody knows as much as we do or can help others the way we can.

And we won’t stop till we are #1.

But throughout this journey, it’s important to us to stay true to ourselves and to foster a team and community that believes in our values as much as we do.

Core Values

The Pursuit of Excellence. In everything we do, we strive for absolute excellence. We don’t half-ass anything. We seek to surround ourselves with high-achieving people who pursue this value as well. Customers as well as team members.

Happy, Successful Customers. We bend over backward to make our customers happy. We work our asses off to help them work their asses off to a profitable business. 

Unflattering Honesty. We communicate honestly and openly with our customers and everyone on our team. We share the raw, unflattering truth because half-truths serve no one.

Money as a Means. We only value money to bring more fulfillment into our lives and the lives of our customers. We want to help our team and our customers build more enjoyable lives — not buy Lamborghinis.

Results First. Before anything else, we focus on getting our customers real results. Because without that, nothing else really matters.

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze. All the greatest pleasures in life take work! Tons of it! If you’re not prepared to work for your goals, you can go ahead and leave now. But I promise — the juice is worth the squeeze.

Go. Go see the world! Go travel, have fun, and enjoy what you create!

It’s about YOU, not us

I hope we’ve explained pretty well who we are and why we do what we do up to this point.

Our greatest wins are helping people like Amira Law go from $0 to $10,000 per month blogging…

And Liesel make her first $200 per month so she could help hire a maid to help around the house…

liesel laborteen blog

These are the wins that make it all worthwhile for us and that’s why Create and Go exists. This is what we are here for and why we love what we do.

Make no mistake, we’re still the same idiots we always were – the ones that would really prefer to drink mimosas and make money by posting mediocre recipes online…

But we are growing up, building an amazing team, and becoming better every day.

We hope you become our next success story.

P.S. Our best students are the ones taking massive action towards their goals and dreams. This world belongs to the doers and I hope our story has demonstrated that.

Please take action today and leave a comment below if you enjoyed the story. We would love to hear your thoughts and your future plans with blogging!

You can also sign up for our free 5-day blogging bootcamp if you’re ready to get started!