6 Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

[Paid & Free Sites]

Two important tools you must choose when starting a blog are:

These tools play a big role in your blog's success.

- a blog platform or site

- and a hosting company

(your blog's foundation)

(to get your blog online)

We're sharing the most popular free & paid blogging platforms...

Let's get started!

...and which ones are best for making money with your website or blog.


The #1 most widely used blogging platform in the WORLD! (And our top pick!)

Free: WordPress.com Best for hobby blogs

Paid: WordPress.org Best for making money


Best known for its easy, drag-and-drop software, but limited plugins & etc.  

Free: Limited & has ads. Best for hobby blogs

Paid: More customizable. A must for monetizing


Similar to Wix with drag-and-drop software, but even more limited & expensive.

No free plan

Paid: Best for small companies wanting to add an online presence


Also drag-and-drop, but has even fewer options than Wix or Squarespace.

Free: Very limited. Best for hobby blogs

Paid: Not as good as Wix for online business

More free blogging platforms ahead!


Owned by Google, so you can install Google AdSense and earn ad revenue.

Very limited & hard to monetize, even with ads

No paid plans & all URLs have .blogspot.com


A great place to network with other bloggers. Content is shared by “re-posting.”

Good way to get added exposure for your content

Hard to monetize & very limited customization


This is a place to write, have your thoughts heard, and connect with others.

You cannot put ads or monetize traffic here

Easy to set up & start, but not built for business

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