The 6 Best SEO Tools for Driving More Blog Traffic

[Free & Paid Tools]

SEO tools are possibly the most valuable tools for driving traffic to your blog or website.

These are all tools we currently use, or have used in the past.

To help you get results faster, we’re sharing our best SEO tools.

These SEO tools can help you rank higher in search engines by helping you:

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– optimize content, – fix issues with your site, – analyze performance, – compare your site to competitors’ sites – and more.

Rank Math

WordPress plugin tool that provides an SEO score + a detailed SEO checklist for posts and pages.

Cost: Free



Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool, but our favorite parts are it’s keyword research and site audit features.

Cost: $99+/month


Google SEO Tools

Google offers some of the best SEO tools out there, helpful for beginners and pros alike.

Cost: All Free


Here are our 4 favorite Google SEO tools...

Google Search Console

Monitor your site’s performance as a whole, including SEO traffic and keyword rankings.

A must if you haven’t sprung for Ahrefs yet!

Google Analytics

Similar to Google Search Console, but it primarily focuses on analytics specific to traffic.

Great for tracking social media traffic!

Google Trends

Keep track of the trends of specific search topics, including how search volume and overall interest has fluctuated over time.

Great for making sure your post topics are relevant!

Google Page Speed Insights

Shows you info on your site speed + any other developmental errors on your website.

Check performance on desktop and mobile!

Surfer SEO

ID how your content may be falling short by analyzing your content + comparing it to top-ranking posts.

Cost: $49+/month



A detailed keyword research tool that gives precise input on whether you specifically can rank for a keyword.

Cost: Free (limited)


Exploding Topics

Find topics that are growing in interest (exploding), but aren’t saturated yet–so you can get in on trends early.

Cost: Free


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