Top 21 Highest Paid Bloggers

[Crazy Successful Blogs!]

Want to start a blog, but don’t think you can make much money blogging?

Think again!

We’re sharing some of the highest-paid bloggers, each making well over six figures per year.

These are all individual bloggers, or started on their own–no big media publishers on this list.

Here are the best blog post ideas + topics to help you connect with your audience.

Just normal people, probably blogging in their pj’s.

How do bloggers make money?

– Affiliate Marketing – Advertising – Sponsored Posts – Selling Digital Products (ex: courses + eBooks) – Selling Physical Products (ex: merch + books) – Selling Printables

Yaro Starak


About: Yaro Starak uses his self-titled business blog to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed online.



Abby Lawson


About: Abby and Donnie Lawson run Just a Girl and Her Blog, a popular lifestyle, organization, and productivity blog.


Darren Rowse


About: Darren Rowse runs the popular blogging authority site, Pro Blogger, where he teaches people how to blog like the pros.


Trevor + Jennifer Debth


About: Trevor and Jennifer own popular recipe blog, Show Me The Yummy, where they share recipes for every meal + more.


Ryan Robinson


About: Ryan Robinson runs, a blog in the personal finance niche. He discusses making money online and starting a profitable side hustle.


Steve + Jennifer Chou


About: Steve and Jennifer run the successful blog, My Wife Quit Her Job, where they show readers how to make money online with an eCommerce store and other methods.


Rosemarie Groner


About: Rosemarie Groner is the busy mom at Busy Budgeter, where she posts about money, dinner ideas, budgets, and everything mom-related.


Lindsay + Bjork


About: Lindsay and Bjork run two blogs, Pinch of Yum + Food Blogger Pro, where they make recipes and show people how to create their own recipe blog.

08/21 +

Jon Morrow


About: Jon Morrow is the founder of Smart Blogger, where he teaches other bloggers his tips for success.


Alex Nerney + Lauren McManus


About: Oh, uh hey. It’s us… WE’RE COOL TOO! Alex + Lauren have taken two blogs to earning over six figures, and they love talking about themselves in the third person! 😆

10/21 +

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner


About: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents is the legendary finance blog helping people earn more and save more.


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