How Much Do Bloggers Make?

[Like, Really?]

To strangers, blogging sounds like a hobby.

To friends and family, it sounds like unemployment.

Most people don’t think of blogging as a job...

...much less realize that you can make real money blogging.

A lot of people who start a blog never make money with it...

With the right strategy, you can make a lot of money blogging.

...but that is true of any kind of business.

But just how much do bloggers make?

It’s impossible to say exactly how much money most bloggers make…

Most don’t share their income publicly.

But we can share general income info, plus some blogs that do report their income.

Failure to Launch

The majority of people who try to start a blog never really get it off the ground.

Why blogs fail: – Not investing enough time or money Lack of experience in their niche – Not taking action


There are a lot of bloggers who use blogging to supplement their regular income.

Side-hustle blogs might make $100/month, or $2,000+/month.

Full-Time Bloggers

Then there are full-time bloggers who replace their full-time job with a modest (but reliable) blog income.

Full-time blog income varies, but is usually at least $4,000-$8,000/month.

Need more than that to replace your full-time job? Keep going! -->

Six-Figure Bloggers

And then there are the super successful bloggers making six figures + more from their blog, and often $100,000+ per month.

Blog Income: $9,000 - $100,000 and more per month!

Does Niche Matter?

Yes, to an extent. But DO NOT pick a niche just because it's popular.

Most Profitable Niche: Finance

Least Profitable Niche: Any topic you don’t know well, or don’t care enough about

Examples of why niche isn't everything: Niche: Herbs Income/month: $20,000+ Niche: Disaster Prep. Income/month: $1,000,000+ Niche: Finance Income/month: $100,000+

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