Pinterest Traffic for Bloggers

Pinterest Traffic for Bloggers

[What's Working in 2022]

Pinterest is different than other social media platforms, and can be harder to understand at first...

...but it remains one of the easiest sources of quick, organic traffic out there.

As a new business owner, you want + need to get traffic very quickly.

Here's what you need to know to get started with Pinterest for your blog.

Otherwise, you’re dead in the water.

Pinterest for Bloggers:

The Basics

Pinterest is a “visual discovery engine” for ideas + inspiration on a wide variety of topics.

You save pins with ideas, products, and content you like on “boards” you create.

These boards are also where you save + share your own content.

With pins, you don’t have to sort through videos or descriptions to find links.

You can click directly over to a website straight from the pin.

Note Video pins + idea pins work differently.

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms.

It is not really a “social” media, and functions more like a search engine.

This is great for bloggers, because the Pinterest algorithm is much simpler than Google’s...

...and because of the lower competition, it’s easier to rank for keywords faster on Pinterest.

We've made over $40,000 from just ONE viral pin!

This traffic can really add up quickly.

6 Steps to Drive Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

1. Set Up a Business Account + Complete Your Profile

2. Claim Your Website

3. Apply For Rich Pins

4. Create a Few Boards

5. Follow a Few People or Brands in Your Niche

6. Create Your First Pinterest Pin

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