9 Amazing Blog Topics + Ideas

If you want people to read your posts, you have to create content with a purpose.

We use the 80/20 rule for content:

80% keyword-focused content

20% connection-focused content

Keyword-focused content brings in visitors...

Here are the best blog post ideas + topics to help you connect with your audience.

But connection is what turns visitors into subscribers + buyers.

How-To Guides

These posts are very instructional in nature.

Common Post Forms: – Beginner guides – Ultimate guides – Tutorials


Or they can be about: – Solving a problem – Achieving a goal

Experiences + Stories

Personal experiences + stories are the best way to connect with your audience.

These posts: – Prove that the problem(s) they’re dealing with can be solved, – and show that you’re a real person


Trending Topics + News

Rather than giving straight facts or a general overview of a topic, try being more polarizing if you have a strong opinion.

Your audience wants (and deserves) your honesty!


Lists + Round-Ups

Numbered lists organize your posts, and people love lists! Round-ups (lists of resources, recipes, etc.) make great list posts, too.

Examples: – 5 Best Tools For… – 8 Ways to Use… – 6 Reasons Why…


Almost there!

You are more than halfway through.

Product Reviews

Product or service review posts can serve two purposes.

They can: – Provide helpful info to your audience, – and help you earn affiliate commissions


Interviews + Testimonials

These posts give your audience a chance to hear from someone else, which adds more credibility to what you’re teaching.

Plus, they can be inspiring + informative.


Guest Posts

Similar to interviews + testimonials, but written by guest posters.

People write guest posts to get: – Backlinks – Brand awareness – Product sales


In return, you can get: – Great content – Affiliate sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Your audience will tell you exactly what they want to know, if you ask + listen.

Pay attention to: – Comments on posts – Email responses – Chatter on your social media accounts



Busting common myths + misconceptions can help educate your audience and sell your products!

These posts can provide a “shock” factor that draws your audience in, and can build trust.


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