10 Popular + Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

Looking for some blog niche ideas that you can actually make some money from?

Picking a niche isn't an exact science...

...but we have some tips to help you make the best choice.

There is no magic formula, but you should aim to pick a niche:

Here are 10 popular + profitable blog niche ideas to help you decide.

- that you're passionate about, - that's profitable, - and that's popular

1. Making Money Online

Why:  - People spend more if they'll make it back - Higher product prices

Why: – Saving money = making money

Why: (same as above)

2. Financial Guidance

3. Investing (stocks, crypto, etc.)

4. Lifestyle + Influencer

Why - People will pay you to promote their products

Why: – People are always looking for new ways to look sexy

Why:  - One of the most popular topics in the world - Lifestyle crossover

5. Health + Fitness

6. Fashion

7. Recipes + Food

Why - Massive traffic - Somewhat harder to monetize than other niches.

Why: – People love their pets almost as much as their kids (and maybe even more)

8. Pets

9. Travel

Why - Extremely popular - Harder to monetize, but still very viable

Why: - People love their kids! - Popular and very easy to monetize

10. Parenting

3 Simple Steps to Finding Your Blog Niche

Answer this question:

What topic do you have trouble shutting up about?

A blog is essentially an ongoing conversation with you + your readers.


So what do you like to talk about?

Niche Down

Start with a broader topic + work down to  3-5 sub-topics that you’re interested in.

That's also where you'll make the most money!


The sub-topics are where you really connect with your audience.

Ask the Audience

Be open to evolving + changing your content as you learn what your audience wants.


Writing what your readers want is the best way to make money blogging.

Just don't overthink it!

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