Create and Go’s 2021 Design Your Future Scholarship Winner

Hannah del Herrera
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Award: $2,000
November 15, 2020

Create and Go is excited to announce Hannah del Herrera as the winner of The 2020 Design Your Future Scholarship for $2,000.  Hannah attends Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, as an undergraduate student. Candidates had to craft and submit an essay detailing potential blog ideas.

Congratulations, Hannah!

Hannah’sWinning Essay

My Blogging Future

What would be your subject of choice for your blog, if you were to start one? 

It’s difficult not to feel in awe at this outlandish and beautiful world we are part of, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity of life. Since I was a young girl, I’ve had an ardent passion for success and seeing the triumph of others – I often found myself advocating for positivity and change wherever I could, to enable others to push beyond their limits. This is something I also strive for myself personally; in my work, and in my soul.  

With so much inspiration surrounding me at every corner, I can’t help but admit I’m one of those people who is interested in everything. I have a creative fire that rages within me and I treasure anything that fuels that energy. I have studied music previously and I’m now studying a BA Fine Art  (hons) degree in the UK. With this creative spirit comes a drive for entrepreneurship and achievement. I love being imaginative which goes hand-in-hand with being inventive. I have dabbled in freelance work involving graphics, illustration, and content writing however I know there’s more out there for me.  

For the past year or so, I have been researching ways I can combine all of my interests into one.  With my love for business and creativity, as well as helping others achieve more, I am in the works for setting up an online Branding Agency/Blog. This will be a platform where I can provide all of my artistic knowledge for other like-minded individuals and equip them with the resources to fulfill their business desires with stand-out brand design.  

I have already set up the blog domain ‘’ where I will be posting my introspective,  quality content for others. My vision for this is being a ‘young, female with a passion to provide others with the resources to expand’. I want to offer a personable experience that others can rely on for trustworthy guidance – as if getting branding advice from a friend, who just so happens to be an artist.  

What resources and tools would you utilize to enhance your blog readership? 

With this blog comes many ideas that excite me every single day to continue pushing forward (still finding time alongside studies is not as much of a challenge if you are obsessed with what you do). As mentioned earlier, I am in the works currently setting up my blog and branding services. This includes creating eBooks, online courses, YouTube videos as well as maintaining the equipment needed to provide high-quality B2B branding services from me.  

Along with this, I have built a solid marketing strategy to bring more readers onto my blog which includes using social media platforms, growing an email list, and researching SEO to optimize my website as well as the content I create. I would also love to attend networking events to promote my blog and its services as well as setting up webinars that businesses can attend too.

I am devoted to creating the most memorable, professional, and trustworthy experience for my readers; which means I am looking at every single option I can to enhance that. Creating a well designed and responsive blog is the first thing on my list, and I have already invested in Elementor Pro to do this. I would also love to set up my own domain email address to further that professional experience and invest in software to create eBooks and courses for my audience to purchase.  

Investing in graphic design software and equipment beyond my current pencil and paper, (and my laptop) will also enable me to become more involved in this industry. Whilst this is some-what working for me currently, I know that with a graphics tablet, DSLR camera, and design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, I will be able to work more efficiently and therefore show others how to use these tools themselves. I am able to use these services occasionally through university but with so many students requiring the same equipment for their own work, and this being my final year before I  graduate, having my own equipment will be extremely beneficial for my blogging business.  

Why do you think it’s important for people to design their own future?  

Before attending university to pursue my own passions, I spent two years doing the typical 9-5 work,  moved out of my parent’s house, and was set on moving forward with a career in sales. Whilst I  enjoyed working in sales, I could not stand the idea of the same day-in-day-out routine for somebody else’s dreams to be fulfilled. I wasn’t happy, and I know that so many others feel the same.  

My whole life I have watched people desire to run away from their careers; living for the weekend or wishing for that yearly holiday abroad to come sooner. One weekend, or one-week holiday coming and going in a flash – the majority of their time spent unfulfilled for a just a minute taste of freedom.  It’s a cruel way to spend your life and my heart breaks for those in that position. That’s why I’m so passionate about giving businesses the resources they need to get started and make something of themselves. It’s because I have been there before, and I could barely last two years! If I can give ambitious individuals the knowledge and resources they need to brand their ideas and give them the courage to succeed, my mission will be satisfied.  

Everybody deserves a chance in life and designing your own future gives you that opportunity. The digital world is allowing this more and more every single day and it’s a prospect that fills my heart.  We all have one singular life to make the most of the astonishing opportunity that is living, and wishing away 80% of it to a career you are unhappy with seems criminal. The more people have access to knowledge that will offer them their freedom, the happier the world we live in can be.