To Help 10,000 People Just Like Us Make a Full-Time Income Blogging and Get To Pursue Their Passions!

Blogging changed our lives. From anxious and confused to stupidly happy. From chasing the weekends to being so in the moment we forget the day of the week. From broke to millionaires. From stuck in the same old place to traveling the world.

We owe everything to blogging and this little internet pipe dream.

And that’s why we’re so damn passionate about giving you that dream as well. It’s our mission to help you make a full-time income blogging and get to pursue your passions and interests.


Here are some of the results of our customers using Create and Go’s products:

Natalie Bacon, NatalieBacon.com

Natalie became our FIRST EVER 6-figure blogger and we’re so proud of her.

She blogs about personal development, personal finance, and blogging over at NatalieBacon.com.

When she met us, she was making roughly $2,000/month after blogging for many months.

Her problem was that she was monetizing the wrong way.

After dedicating herself fully to our courses, she went into ninja product creation mode and quit her job to make 6-figures blogging.

Rachel Paul, The College Nutritionist

Rachel is one of our students that has gone from $0 to earning THOUSANDS per month.

She even managed to leverage Instagram and now has over 180,000 followers on her account. She’s got sponsorships left and right and has now released a course on how to beat the Instagram algorithm.

A lot of times, we get people who ask if our program works for them if they don’t blog about how to make money online.

Rachel is a perfect example of that! She blogs about nutrition for college students.

And, she did this all while going to school!

Rusty Moore, Visual Impact Fitness

Does Pinterest still work in 2018? In 2019? Now?

YES, it still does. Even if you’re male 🙂

Rusty came to us having a successful blog, Visual Impact Fitness, but he needed traffic. And, where better to go than Pinterest?

In just 6 weeks, Rusty tripled his traffic and was getting 5,000 pageviews per month from Pinterest.

Now, he’s about to get 100,000 followers on Pinterest in the health and fitness niche.

Mind. Blown.

Amira Law, A Self Guru

Amira is one of our students that understands the value of investing in your business.

Despite being a full-time lawyer and working a 9-5, she still managed to surpass the 6-figure mark in under one year. 

How did she do it?

Besides launching her blog in just 7 days, Amira went the product creation route early. She saw a demand in the blogging community for legal templates and quickly rose to the occasion.

Now, she’s even paid out $10,000+ to affiliates! Talk about rapid monetization.

If she could do this, so can you!

Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance

Bola knew she arrived in the right place when she was able to increase her sales by 25% in just one week.

When you need to learn a thing or two about setting up funnels for passive income, we’re where it’s at!

In Bola’s words…

“You delivered on what you said you’d deliver on the sales page.”

Bola hosts a popular personal finance podcast on her blog, Clever Girl Finance and is soon to be a published author (at the time of writing).

It’s amazing where your blogging journey can take you!

Will You Be Next?

We’re looking for some amazing blogging superstars to join these ranks!

If you’ve found blogging success because of our program, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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