10 Popular and Profitable Blog Niche Ideas in 2024

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Looking for some blog niche ideas that you can actually make some money from? There is a lot of debate in this area…

“Follow your passions!”

“Screw your passions! Follow the money!”

“Go with your gut and do something original!”

Do keyword research and analyze ALL THE THINGS!”

So, which is it?

Well, none of them are wrong. But you want to know what IS wrong?

Spending a lot of time doing some deep soul searching to find the answers to the question of what topic you might want to start your blog on.

The stars don’t have your answers.

searching in the stars

But hopefully, we do.

We aren’t here to debate the specifics of passion vs. popularity vs. profitability. Ideally, you have some combination of all 3 of these in your blog niche.

There is no secret sauce on which one you start with as long as you’re striving for all 3. We started with passion and found popularity and profitability along the way.

But we’ve also experienced losing passion for something that is successful and that caused our profitability to fall along with it.

We started in health and wellness because it was what we had knowledge and experience in. It’s what we knew and what we loved.

I don’t love using the word “passion” here too much because it causes people to get hung up on it. We aren’t doing any soul-searching here. Your passion should just be something that you enjoy or have experience doing — something that you’re good at.

But the first blog that we started was focused too much on passion, and we struggled to find popularity and profitability. The second time around, we focused more on the other two elements and ended up with a six-figure blog.

Keep all 3 of these elements in mind as you are thinking about these blog niche ideas.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog “niche” is essentially the specific market that you are targeting with the content on your blog. This niche can be as broad or specific as you want it to be.

Here is an example:

  • Broad Niche: Dogs
  • More Specific Niche: Pug Enthusiasts
Pug example to demonstrate how to make a Pinterest board

Generally, the more specific you get with your niche, the more targeted your followers will be and the more connected they will feel to you.

That’s because not only do they love dogs, but they REALLY love pugs. It makes your content even more relatable than the rest of the content out there just for dog lovers.

The flip side is that if your niche is TOO specific, you won’t reach enough people.

It’s a balancing act, and we encourage you to be specific enough that you’re not trying to reach the masses (too much competition).

How to Narrow Down Your Blog Niche

Once you’ve nailed down your general blog niche idea, think about the people you are trying to reach. Again, be specific here.

Are you trying to reach women? Mothers? Young mothers? Working young mothers?

Now, working young mothers that own a pug might be a little too specific. But you get the idea.

Alternatively, you can start more generalized and narrow down your niche over time. We’ll show you how to do this towards the end of the article when we discuss how to find your blog niche.

But more on that later…

What Kinds of Blogs Can Make Money?

Back to our profitability discussion… You can make money in almost any space out there on the internet.

We have seen people earn over six figures from selling courses on how to train goats and board games on how to find healthy herbs in your backyard.

Making money with your blog is more about your creativity and problem-solving abilities than the particular niche you are in.

But if you are asking this question, what you really want to know is probably what are the most profitable blogging niches? Am I right?

We came up with this list based on a few factors:

  • Proven models of success,
  • Cost per click on Google,
  • And personal experience in each.

Here is the rundown as far as we can see as professional bloggers.

1. Making Money Online

Yeah. No surprise, right?

You’re currently on a blog teaching you how to make money blogging telling you that teaching people how to make money is the best way to make money.

Um, what?

It’s true. These types of blogs are very high-earners. That’s generally because you can charge higher prices for products and people will spend more money if they believe that they can make it back.

take my money meme
Source: knowyourmeme.com

So does that mean that this is your best bet to get started?

Absolutely not.

People are going to most identify and trust people who have actual experience in doing something.

Don’t be that person teaching people how to start an online business with no actual experience in the topic! Please.

When we started teaching in this space, we were earning over $10,000/month very consistently with our first blog. We even had a month where we earned over $40,000 in a single month — all before we started teaching others how to achieve this.

Even if you eventually want to get into this space, start in some other niche first to prove your salt. It will be a much easier path and it will open up so many doors along the way.

Here are some great examples of other blogs making bank talking about making bank (over $100k per month):

2. Financial Guidance

Finance blogs are a very close second here because they are still about MONEY. Saving money is essentially making money, especially when you can scale it.

A lot of finance bloggers also dip into the “making money” area as well because they are so closely related.

A couple of our favorite blogs in this space who are making over 10k per month:

3. Investing (Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Etc.)

You’re probably noticing that we’re still chatting about money… We’ve talked about making it, saving it, and now we’re talking about INVESTING it.

I think it’s slightly less popular, or perhaps competitive is the right word, because it does require a higher level of knowledge than making money or saving it.

Stock market blogs have produced millionaires like Tim Sykes and others. The Financial Samurai is another killer in this space of serious investing.

4. Lifestyle and Influencer

When I first heard that Kim Kardashian makes $100,000+ per Instagram post, I, like probably many of you right now, wanted to throw my laptop through a window.

It’s kind of absurd…


But that’s the reality of how powerful influencers have become and Kim K has built an empire for herself.

And one niche that has been made explosively popular by Instagram is that of the lifestyle blogger.

A lifestyle blog can (and should be) about a variety of things. It can be about you and your lifestyle, whatever that is. Or it can be about general lifestyle topics (food, fashion, health, etc.).

If your lifestyle blog is about you and you decide to go the influencer route, you can partner with sponsors to pay you fat stacks to be featured on your blog, Instagram account, etc.

In another example, we have Olesya Rulin at Girl Across the Blvd who leveraged her blog and content to become Instagram famous (140,000 + Followers).

Although it’s worth noting that you don’t HAVE to be an influencer to run a successful lifestyle blog. The possibilities are endless, my friends.

5. Health and Fitness

People are always looking for new ways to look sexy naked.

And at least far as America is concerned…

The weight loss niche grows ever more popular as our waistlines grow larger.

There are also SO many sub-niches in the overall category of “Health and Fitness” as well – Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Crossfit, Yoga, Beach Body, Abs, etc. – combined with the fact you can mix and match these to whatever style fits you.

Here are some great examples:

The possibilities are as endless as the profits.

As we said before, our first successful blog was in the health and wellness niche (more specifically weight loss and yoga) and we were able to take it to over $20,000/month!

6. Fashion

This is another hugely popular topic in the world of blogs. A lot of fashion bloggers also move into the category of “lifestyle,” because they also blog about makeup, food, etc.

It makes sense because if people love your outfits and think you’re beautiful, they’ll also probably be curious about what makeup you use to complete your outfit and what diet you are on that makes that outfit look so damn good!

Branching out into other categories also gives you more opportunities to monetize your blog in a variety of ways.

Some great examples of fashion bloggers making a killing are:

  • The Blonde Salad (reportedly bringing in over 10 million from starting a fashion line)
  • Song of Style (Millions of IG followers, so I’m sure she’s doing well based on the Kim K lifestyle)

7. Recipes and Food

Recipe and food blogs are harder to monetize than most niches, but what they lack in users wanting to spend money, they make up for with MASSIVE traffic.

Blogs like Pinch of Yum pull in multiple MILLIONS of visitors every month making her well over $50,000/month in profits.

Thankfully, most blogs don’t need NEAR as much traffic to be successful. Depending on how you monetize, you can make just as much with 1/10th of the traffic.

Most recipe and food blogs rely on high numbers to bring in ad revenue because, without a best-selling cookbook on Amazon, it can be harder to monetize these types of websites.

Some other awesomesauce bloggers who are making it rain dollar bills are:

8. Pets

People LOVE their animals almost as much as they love their kids these days.

Maybe more… Remember the pug example from earlier?

Well, the website Doug the Pug reportedly sells millions of dollars of merchandise every year.

Plenty of proven websites like Here Pup also pull in well over $10,000/m in affiliate marketing.

9. Travel

Travel blogs are also a little harder to monetize than most niches, but what they lack in users wanting to spend money, they make up for with MASSIVE traffic and ad real estate.

Travel blogs get TONS of traffic because people love to look at pretty travel photos.

Successful examples like World of Wanderlust allow these bloggers to not only travel but get paid really well while doing so.

It’s A Lovely Life is another great example that reportedly makes over $138,000 blogging about family life.

10. Parenting

People love their kids. A passionate mom with a credit card is probably the most powerful influence in marketing today.

I have yet to know a more lucrative or profitable fan base.

Lucie’s List and Mommy on Purpose are pulling in the cheddar WHILE taking care of the kids. Talk about a couple of Bad-A bloggers #respect.

3 Simple Steps to Find Your Blog Niche

If you’re still not sure which blog niche is right for you, these three steps below should give you a better idea!

1. What are you interested in or have experience in?

A blog is essentially just an ongoing conversation between you and your readers. Sure, it’s a little one-sided. But people are still reading, commenting, and taking action because of what you write.

The more passionate you are about a topic, the more people will gravitate to that passion in your content.

What are your friends and family always coming to you for advice for? What would they say that you can’t shut up about?

We all have something in our lives that we can’t shut up about. Parenting, dogs, politics, or maybe something way stranger than that… What’s your thing?

Are you that person that gives your friends unsolicited health advice over the dinner table? I certainly was. I was also a former vegan, so starting in health and wellness just made sense for me.

Alternatively, what do you have personal or professional experience in? The more experience you have, the more content you can share on a given topic and credibility matters for Google SEO.

Do not overcomplicate this and violate mistake #1 by soul-searching too much. What do you like? It should be a natural thing.

2. Start with a broader topic and work down to 3-5 sub-topics that you’re interested in.

The broad niche/topic of our health and wellness blog is Healthy Living, but the sub-niches or sub-topics are what make the real money.

This goes back to what we said at the beginning of this article with the importance of being specific and targeted with your content.

We tried quite a few sub-topics about health and fitness when starting our first blog:

  • Recipes
  • Workouts
  • Flat stomach secrets
  • Yoga
  • General weight loss
  • Detoxing and cleansing
  • Product Reviews
  • Cellulite
  • Diabetes

We started with too many. We didn’t really know what we were doing at the time, to be honest.

But when we started generating traffic from Pinterest, we quickly learned what topics our readers enjoyed the most: Weight Loss and Yoga.

Begin by thinking about a broad topic you would enjoy writing about, let’s say parenting, and narrow it down to a couple of sub-topics you would enjoy connecting with an audience over (best products and dealing with behavior issues).

3. Let your audience decide.

You’ll find that you enjoy writing about some topics much more, and that’s great. But you also have to be open to the fact that your audience may also enjoy some topics more than others.

You should be open to evolving and changing your content over time if your audience is begging for more something.

Of course, you don’t have to. But…

You’ll find that helping others comes with a tremendous amount of satisfaction and the more people you reach, the more you can help.

If you’re more on the “not quite sure” side, it’s probably better to start out a little broader and narrow down as time goes and you find what you enjoy writing about most or what your audience tends to like most.

Just remember: Overthinking about this stuff is the enemy, and no one will read your blog if you focus too much on yourself over your readers. Let them decide.

Your job is to write awesome blog posts!

Here’s a final summary of the content and some additional resources.


Most profitable blogging niches:

  1. Money
  2. Financial Guidance
  3. Investing
  4. Lifestyle/Influencer
  5. Health and Fitness
  6. Fashion
  7. Recipes and Food
  8. Pets
  9. Travel
  10. Parenting

Common mistakes new bloggers make when selecting a blog niche:

  • Soul-searching. Passions are not born within us. They are developed over time.
  • Choosing a blog niche you don’t really know anything about or enjoy.
  • Avoiding competition because you believe the market is “oversaturated.”

Steps to selecting your blog niche:

  • Select a topic you enjoy talking about.
  • Consider narrowing it down to 3-5 sub-topics related to the broader topic you care about.
  • Be open to changing your focus over time as you learn what your audience is most interested in.

The Next Steps

Once you’ve got that perfect niche in mind it’s time to get started!

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If you enjoyed this article on blog niche ideas or have any questions for us, please leave them in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you!