How We Made $67,317.56 in September 2021 (Blog Income Report)

In these blog income reports, we report our blogging income and expenses as well as insights to any recent changes we’ve made on our blogs in the past month.

This is what we will cover in this blog income report (feel free to click and skip to what you’d like to see):

Why We Publish Income Reports

It’s a little weird publishing our income reports for all of our friends, family, and loved ones to see, but that’s the tradeoff that we accept for the transparency that it provides to our audience.

We never publish to brag – only to show our followers and readers just what is possible with a small blog, some hard work, and a lot of determination!

Alex and I first got into the blogging world with a health and wellness blog. Only after earning six figures with that first blog in its first year did we start Create and Go.

It’s from these successes and failures of this blog that we teach at Create and Go.

We are teaching blogging strategies that work in a completely different niche, and we hope this will make it a little more relatable and applicable to your specific niche and blog.

There are a lot of ‘experts’ out there that are making money online by teaching others how to make money online. Basically, blogging about blogging.

While many of these folks are VERY successful (and good at what they do), it makes their strategies a little less relatable and harder to apply sometimes if you are in a completely different niche.

Yes, we blog about blogging too, but the difference is that we took our first health and wellness blog to $20,000/month and beyond BEFORE we started Create and Go.

We hope that the honesty and transparency that we provide through our successes and failures with our health and wellness blog help you on your blogging journey as well!

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September 2021 Blogging Revenues

Before we dive into the specifics, we want to show you some proof of the income that we earned over the past month.

Proof of Income

Here are a couple of screenshots from Teachable and Quickbooks that show some of our sales:

Screenshot of income graph on Teachable from September 2021
Screenshot of income graph on Quickbooks from September 2021

Our income is deposited into our accounts at various points after sales are made, so the above screenshots do not reflect exact sales numbers for the month. They are a representation of a large portion of the income we have made over the month.

Total Revenues from our health and wellness blog and Create and Go: $67,317.56

The number above does not include blogging expenses. Some of the expenses that we incur on a monthly basis include the following:

Income Recap Since We Started

The chart below contains the revenues from both blogs since we started blogging.

Helpful Timeline of Events:

  • During the months of July – August of 2015, we were working on our first blog that ultimately failed
  • We started our health and wellness blog in September of 2015 and didn’t make any money with it until January of 2016.
First year blogging revenues
Bar graph of past year blogging revenues 10-2020 to 09-2021

Why are your revenues so much lower lately?

Well that ain’t a pretty graph, is it?

Ehhh, no. It’s not. But it’s pretty typical. We always see a drop around this time every year. 

But this drop is definitely lower than we’ve seen before. This is for a few reasons:

1. Change in Ads (Paid Traffic)

We get a decent chunk of our traffic from paid ads that we run on a few different platforms. 

I’m not going to get specific here, but there was a change in our Pinterest campaigns that had a pretty negative impact on our traffic and our sales. We still haven’t recovered from it, and we likely won’t as it relates to that specific campaign.

Paid traffic campaigns change and lose their effectiveness over time just like organic traffic does. This can be due to the platform or the ad(s) itself. 

We had a good run with some our ads. We were running the same ads successfully for 2-3 years, but lately they just haven’t been working like they used to.

So, it’s time to change things up. We’ve been working with our ads team to test out new ads and ideas to increase our paid traffic. 

This bit of work has been a bit tougher, because it’s hard to watch your revenues decline. There is a lot of pressure there. 

And because I really don’t enjoy things like filming webinars for ads. I don’t like being on camera, but I’m doing what I need to do for the continued growth of my business. 

2. The swingback from the pandemic.

For comparison, we had our highest revenue month EVER in May of 2020. We earned over $200,000 in a single month.

It was mind-blowing and it has been a distant goal of ours for a long time.

Now, the revenues didn’t stay that high. The world was in chaos. People were losing and changing jobs and looking for alternative ways to make money — especially online because ya know, covid.

And what goes up, must come down. 

We saw a temporary spike last summer because of the pandemic, but it’s been leveling off ever since. Now, we’re seeing the post-pandemic impacts. 

People are vaccinated and they’re soaking up every minute of beautiful weather that they can.  I read that the foot traffic in the national parks in the U.S. were up 20% from PRE-pandemic times… It’s crazy.

So obviously that and everything else translates into less people online. They need a break from zoom and watching things. 

We’re expecting a swing back up in the beginning of the year, as per usual.

3. We haven’t run as many internal promotions this year.

The launch of our new SEO course earlier in the year threw off some of our scheduling with our internal sales that we run to our email list. 

Now, we’ve hung back on running any internal sales over the last couple of months in anticipation of our upcoming BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

This is our biggest sale of the year, and we’re getting in gear for that, so stay tuned!

4. Fluctuations in revenue are normal in this type of business.

As we mentioned last month, your earnings will ebb and flow. You might have a few months of your highest revenues yet only to fall back below half of that at some point down the road.

It just happens.

Your revenue and earnings can be impacted by SO many things, including:

  • Your traffic sources and algorithm changes (one of the biggest factors)
  • Internal promotions and sales
  • Promotions and sales for affiliates
  • New projects and team management

And so many more.

Sometimes it’s our fault because we dropped the ball while we were too busy with other things.

Sometimes it’s just an algorithm change with traffic and we need to adjust our strategy or consider a new form of traffic (like a podcast!).

We aren’t worried. We’re constantly learning.

And passing along that knowledge to you.

Don’t get lost in creating new content and forget about updating your tried and true content, especially when it’s paid content!

Changes in September Since Our Last Income Update

In this section, we’ll tell you what we’ve been up to over the last month!

Our Latest and Greatest Content

On the Podcast…

On the Blog…

On the YouTube Channel…

What We’ve Been Working On

We’ve been doing a lot more behind the scenes stuff lately. One of them is working with our ads team on webinars for some new ads. 

I’ve also been working on content planning for the podcast. Now that I finally have a home base and I’m not traveling so much, I can focus more on growing the podcast, booking guests for the show, etc.

I’m currently looking for guests to be on the show in the following areas:

  • Students: If you’ve taken one or more of our blogging courses and had success, I’d love to interview you on the podcast. I’m looking for people willing to share their results and their journey with our audience.
  • Related areas of expertise: Online business, blogging, social media, traffic, seo, money, mindset, motivation, and anything else that can help someone start and grow an online business.

If you meet one of these criteria or you know someone who does, please send us an email at [email protected] and let us know! 

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How We Make Money Blogging

Affiliate Marketing Income:

Last month, we made $40,117.44 through affiliate marketing on our blogs. Affiliate marketing just means selling other people’s products and courses, and it was how we earned our first $1,000/month blogging.

It’s one of the best ways to start making with your blog.

Our Launch Your Blog Biz course will teach you everything you need to know from starting and launching your blog to making $500 – $1000 per month with your new blog through affiliate marketing, free blog traffic, and other strategies. 

Digital Products and Services Sold: 

Last month, we made $26,264.69 selling digital products and services (eBooks and online courses). This is always going to be where the bulk of our income is made because selling your own products has a much higher earning potential.

If you would like to know how we did this, make sure to check out our most advanced blog monetization course, Six-Figure Blogger.

Note that this is an ADVANCED course. It does not cover the basics of traffic or writing content. It delves much deeper to cover copywriting, sales funnels, email marketing, and more.

If you have any questions about our blog income reports or about blogging in general, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!