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Let's find the perfect domain name for your new blog in 3 easy steps!

How to Use the Blog Name Generator

Before you get started, make sure to have our step-by-step guide on how to start a blog pulled up in a new window so that you can follow along with the steps to sign up for a hosting plan once you have selected your blog domain name.

Step 1. Choose Your Main Blog Topic

Choose the main topic you want your blog to be about. You an either type it in or select from popular topics below.

For this example, we have used the topic "gardening."

blog name generator step 1

Step 2. Select Additonal Keywords

Based on the main topic you selected in Step 1, the generator will populate some popular, related keywords to your main topic. Choose a few suggested keywords to add to the mix or scroll down to type in your own!

additional blog name keywords

If you don't see any suggested keywords that you like above, scroll down to add your own.

You can also add your name if you'd like (optional):

additional blog name keywords

Step 3. Select Your Blog Name

If you see a domain name that you like, simply click the button to secure it with our Bluehost discount!

select domain name

If you don't see a name that you like, you can click the "Load more results" link at the bottom to see more results or click the "Start over" link to run a new search with new keywords!

Make sure to also jump over to Step 4 of our How to Start a Blog Tutorial for the next steps to sign up for your Bluehost plan! Also, if you don't see the exact domain name that you want but the results have given you enough ideas to get started, you can also hop right in to the tutorial and follow the steps to get started with a different domain name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Blogs Cost Money?

Yes, they do. You can start a blog for free, but the free options are incredibly limited and it will only cost you more time and money to start out this way. With a free blog, you are limited to how you can build your blog and monetize it. You also don't own your domain name when you have a free blog.

It's very important to treat your new blog like a business if you want to make money with it, and that means choosing a good hosting plan. Blogging is a business that still requires far less investment than other types of businesses. You can also read our post on expected blog costs for more information on what to expect when getting started.

Does My Domain Name Really Matter?

It does, but not as much as you probably think. Sure, it's great if you can get a domain name that has a popular keyword related to your blog niche. But guess what? Neither of our blogs has a keyword like that, and we make over $100,000/month with our two blogs.

Our blog,, doesn't contain the keyword "blogging," and our health and wellness blog,, is a cutesy, made-up word that is hard to pronounce and spell.

If we could do it all over again, we would have made sure to include a keyword related to the topics that our blogs were about, but hindsight is 20-20, right? Our point is that it's something you should think about, but it ultimately doesn't matter as much as you would think when it comes to the potential for success!

If you still need some more help, make sure to check out our article on selecting a blog name for some additional pointers.

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